Cryptocurrency Character

Introducing $KETAMINE

The Pauly Killer

$KETAMINE, where the hustle is secure and the deals are smoother than silk.

Pauly, a cautionary tale of a man who danced too close to the edge, his pockets empty and his soul seeking solace in the depths of ketamine.

But $KETAMINE ain't about rock bottom, it's about soaring to new highs while keeping your stash safe and your profits popping.

Cryptocurrency Character


1974 - 2024

Yo, check it, Pauly was straight up broke as a joke, scraping the bottom of the barrel, ya feel? Homeboy was so strapped for cash, he was about to tap dance with the devil himself just to make ends meet. So what does he do? He dives headfirst into the K-hole, thinking it's gonna be a smooth cruise, you know? But nah, turns out that rabbit hole took him to places he never thought existed, straight to cloud nine, bro!

Cryptocurrency Character


$KETAMINE got you covered. Tighter than the walls of a trap house, our liquidity is locked down tight. Ain't no middlemen in this game, our contract renounced to keep the streets clean. And taxes? Forget about it. Zero, zip, nada. Just pure, unadulterated cash flow. So roll with $KETAMINE, where the highs are high and the lows are nowhere to be found.

Total Supply

1 billion $KETAMINE


100% burned


0/0 tax



Buy and get high